Some  of the reasons  for using our services

health & well being
inherit a

Want to live in 

a Tiny house


marriage or
  job transfer

A little about Tawny and Brad

      I am Tawny Goodman, owner of Away It Goes Estate Sales.  It would be my pleasure to liquidate your personal belongings in any of the above situations.  I have been involved with liquidation sales for 25 years and learned from the pros.   After working with a partner for 15 years I  decided to start my own company in 2010.  It was then  I  began collecting equipment and materials and in 2012 obtained a sales tax license from the state.  With a past in the retail trade and a love for antiques and the passion for organizing I dove into Away It Goes Estate Sales.  Things in the antique world drastically changed after the internet and change frequently now.  It is a challenge to keep up with trends and what people want to buy.  Each estate or client has different things to showcase and stage.  Making them shine, to look special, and to make our customers want to take them home is part of the job.  Estate sales are like puzzles, with interlocking pieces, straight-edged pieces and you aren't finished till the last piece is found.

     I take each sale,  one at a time giving each the personal attention deserved.   My husband, Brad, is a huge help to me and is the one who checks attics, crawl spaces, and sheds.  He has tackled all kinds of things like wasps, webs, and insulation to get to whatever is there.   I also have helpers to clean and price.  Even my granddaughter helps out when she can.


 Away It Goes Estate Sales offers a free consultation and evaluation .  not sure if an estate sale would work for you.  we can come and see if you have enough to warrant having a sale in home.  We will go over details with you, answer questions, and hopefully add you to our schedule.  We love helping folks sell and liquidate their personal property.

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