• Tawny Goodman

UPCOMING SALE 9-9/9-12-2021

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

Away It Goes Estate Sales will be hosting a Northglenn sale in the home of Dorene and Marvin Burke. The Burkes had their home built and lived here for 55 years. They raised two girls, Nancy and Karen and two boys, Darrell and Donald, and family always came first. Which eventually gave them 10 grandkids. That's why they invested in a hot tub. Dorene was a registered nurse at National Jewish Medical Center and Marvin was an IRS tax agent. Both were involved with the kids' free time including Boy Scouts and Soccer.

Marvin was a coach and referee and Dorene was at many games. Both were scout leaders and helpers. Travel was a passion for both and every year they would load up the station wagon with gear and kids for a two week trip. Along the way they took lots of pictures. The family has pictures galore (and it was way before phone photos)

The family attended the Presbyterian church and attended many church functions over the years and Marvin even kept the books for the church.

They loved dogs and cats and had lots of each over the years!

Retirement gave them the time to travel and travel they did. All over CO and lots of other places. They loved historical places and bought many books about the places they visited. They both discovered the love of trains which led to the toy trains and landscape in the spare room.

Enjoy all the great things in the home and think of Dorene and Mavin.

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