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~Tawny & Brad Goodman~

The women and man in charge! Tawny is the CEO of Away It Goes Estate Sales from getting the sale/house ready to hosting the sale she does it all. Brad is Tawny's better half. Brad is a carpenter and is handy with his tools. From moving furniture to handling bigger items he gets things out of the way!    

The owners., Tawny and Brad

~Joann Goodman~

The daughter of Tawny & Brad Goodman, Joann is another big part of the getting the sale ready process. She does pricing, merchandizing, and is the main photographer for Away It Goes Estate sales. So all the wonderful photos you see was taken from this lovely lady! 

Daughter and helper

~Nevaeh Goodman~

The granddaughter of Tawny & Brad Goodman and also the brilliance behind the socials and website and advertisements of Away It Goes Estate Sales also works along side Joann on pricing and merchandising.  

Granddaughter and helper
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